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FILERECOVERY Data Recovery Software and Hard Drive Recovery Software Tech Support
You should find the answer to most questions relating to our data recovery software products in the help file included with your software product. Our help files will answer most of the questions you might have. Also, we make our data recovery software easy to use, so the software will literally walk you through the recovery process.

Additionally, you may consult the online help guide for FILERECOVERY® here. Please consult these guides first.

However, if you cannot find the answer you need in either of these guides, you can get further assistance by filling out the support form below. In addition, you can contact us at 866.603.2195 from within the US. Outside the US, our phone number is 727.449.0891. We have experienced technicians who can perform a physical recovery at one of our data recovery centers. To contact our data recovery centers, just click here >>> Data Recovery Centers<<<<

When calling, please be in front of the system you are working on, so our Support Reps may walk you through a solution.